About us

We are still fairly new to Zeebrugge, but we have already become indispensable. SSW’s story began in 2013. For many years, Peter Notman had handled the groupage and storage of transport goods at one of the largest transport companies in Europe. The time had come for him to set up his own business. SSW started out as a truck wash. Shipping companies consider the condition of the trucks as a priority: a cleaned truck is even a requirement for boarding.

Many transport companies have already found their way to SSW. During the cleaning process, Peter visited a lot of transport giants and they were immediately interested in his expertise in groupage. Since then, SSW has offered a much more complete package. Peter and his passionate team of people are always ready to give drivers advice on how to transport their goods in the best possible way.

Service, quality and competitive pricing are absolute priorities to SSW. We listen to your needs and wants and we adapt our programmes accordingly. We know that good agreements make good friends. Together, we all have one goal: to make sure that your trucks go back on the road in a safe way and looking almost as good as new.  

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